If you are looking for an escort for the first time then probably you are bursting with all kinds of feelings and also wondering what you should say.

Often while having an encounter with an girl in Paris, your excitement may take over and also your curiosity may get better of you.

Therefore, if you want to know a bit of escort clientele etiquette, following are top 9 things that you should never ask to an escort girl:

  • Am I going to be only client today?

By asking this question, you are giving her a message that you cannot meet anyone today, which an escort will never like to hear. It is escort’s profession to spend time with as many clients as she wishes, and you have no right to know about it.

  • Do you have any boyfriend?

Almost all escorts will prefer to keep their own personal life secret from their clients and whether she has boyfriend or with whom she dates is entirely it is her business and her clients have no right to know about it.

  • Do you party?

By asking this question the escorts will think that you are asking for any illicit substances. Though escorts know very well how to enjoy without going for any illegal substances and hence you must limit the highs.

If the escort senses that you love party then she may not accept your future booking too.

  • Do I need to use condom?

Since escorts has to do sex with many people and therefore, she is obliged to use condom. In many countries, it is illegal for any sex workers to indulge in sex without any protection.

They too will always prefer for safer sex and will never agree for having unprotected sex with an unknown person.

  • Can I skip taking shower?

It is a normal requirement for all escorts to have sex with their client after they have taken shower. Even in the terms and conditions of escort services, it is often mentioned.

So, you cannot expect to change their mind exclusively for you and allow you to have sex with them without proper shower.

  • Will you offer me a discount?

Requesting for discount may be possible during initial discussion however, once you have agreed to pay certain fees for her services, then it will be improper on the part of you to ask for any further discount.

Asking for discount can hurt her and she may never contact you again.

  • Can we take a selfie?

By taking a selfie, you will expose her before the people and she will never like it. She will immediately decline your request. Also, you should never take the picture during your sexual encounter with her.

  • Can I ask your real name?

She will never like to tell her real identity and will prefer to be addressed with certain assumed name that has been given by the escort agency.

  • Can I add you as friend on social media?

Similarly, she will never like if you add her as your friend in Facebook or any other social network site.